Weekly Fishing Reports

The first week is in the books!

‚ÄčWith the first week in the books there is a lot to talk about! Fishing opener and into early week was the best it has been in years. I contribute that to the fast ice out and water temp warming up fast. This means all the walleyes came in to spawn at the same time. In an average year they spawn in stages because of water temps climbing and falling on any given day. This means one group of fish comes in to spawn and another group doesn't think its time, so it waits. This year the steady upward climb in water temps drove all the walleyes in to spawn.

This means fishing was fantastic and people were catching tons of fish right off the docks in 5-10 ft of water with slip bobber and plain hook tipped with fathead. Most, if not all, these fish were over 19''. If you wanted keepers you went out to 25-35ft and you found lots of eater size fish.

The end of this week has shown a different bite. Cold front and rain from Thursday til Sunday slowed the bite down a lot and you had to work for your fish.

I am still finding fish in 10-15ft of water pulling lindy and minnow on plain hook or jig and minnow. Try finding Sandy or small rubble shorelines and get on the top edge of the first sharp break edge. Looking for a gradual flat from shore leading to a sharp break to deep water at that 10-15ft depth. I have also found a few fish on Namakan in some deeper current around 28-35ft but these fish have ranged from 8-12 inches and just a bit to small for the fry pan. As the week progresses with the warmer temps expected, just shift your depth out a little more, say 18-23ft. 

The pike have still been very active in the bays, around rocky points and with the walleyes we have been catching.

The Smallies are working they're way shallower making preperations for they're spawn. Ive been seeing some caught in 12-15ft recently.

I am also going to try adding a link during the summer to Gateway General stores fishing report on Kab for those looking to dig deeper into how the bite is. Until I can figure out how to link to Kab fishing report to my site, here is a tip from another guide Tim Watson:

"As the week went along, many of the bigger spawners started to move out into deeper water.  I had good success with jigs and minnows working the deeper breaks off of several sand bars.  Flat sunny days a little deeper 22-25 ft. And wind and overcast 15-18 ft.  These held eater walleyes including many 15- 16 1/2 inch fish, some slot fish as well as jumbo perch and some saugers."

Fun Fishing,

Dominic Ruis

Northern Limits Guiding

Dates open still for week of May 29th-June 2nd

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Ash River  Kabetogama-Namakan

A first hand fishing report by Northern Limits Guide Service

Captain - Dominic Ruis